How to Polish Granite Worktops

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Polished granite not only looks classy, it's also immensely functional. Granite worktops can be found both in the home and in the workshop; bathrooms and kitchens feature granite counters perfect for food preparation, and workshops use granite for a variety of functions, but perhaps most often as a flat surface plate used to zero tools against. Granite's functionality, however, affects its look. After repeated use, granite worktops become dull and dirty. If you want to impress the boss or visiting dinner guests, you can polish granite worktops to restore their original lustre and shine.

Apply a stone cleaner rated for granite usage to the worktop. Follow the instructions on the product label.

Wipe the granite with a soft sponge until all traces of dirt, dust and residue are removed. Allow the worktop to air-dry until all signs of streaking disappear.

Apply a small amount of granite polish to a soft sponge. Wipe the granite polish onto the surface of the worktop. Spread the polish across the granite's surface as evenly as possible.

Buff the polish into the granite using a chamois or a soft, clean white cloth. Apply more polish as necessary to fully buff the worktop. Add and immediately buff a small amount of extra polish to the worktop if the granite begins to streak.

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