How to Clean a Lululemon Yoga Mat

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When you are regularly practicing yoga, it is a good idea to clean your Lululemon mat after every practice. Cleaning your yoga mat regularly will help reduce bacterial build-up, which can cause skin infections.

This is especially important if you are practicing hot yoga, or another yoga practice that results in a lot of sweating.

Mix one part mild detergent with three parts water. You can use vinegar or lemon juice instead of a mild detergent if you want to go a more natural route.

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Use a spray bottle to apply mixture to your yoga mat. Get your Lululemon yoga mat wet, but there is no need to saturate it.

Wipe your mat down with a clean cloth. Avoid using paper towels to wipe down your yoga mat. The paper can break up and leave paper streaks on your yoga mat.

Clean your yoga mat more thoroughly if it is heavily soiled. Fill your bathtub with warm water. Mix in 1/4 cup mild detergent or vinegar and let your Lululemon yoga mat soak for 30 minutes. Rinse your mat with water. Lay your mat on a clean, dry and flat surface and allow it to air dry.