Assembly Instructions for a 16" Oscillating Stand Fan

An oscillating fan rotates side-to-side while at the same time turning its fan blades to produce air. The side-to-side motion allows the fan to disburse cool air in several directions without having to readjust the actual position of the fan.

Oscillating fans have settings that control the direction so you can set the fan to blow in only one direction. Oscillating fans don't always come already assembled, but assembly is typically easy.

Place the round base flat on the floor.

Insert the first piece of the stand column into the centre hole in the round base.

Drop the coil spring into the opening of the column. Continue to screw in the additional two or three pieces of the column into the preceding portions until complete. Make sure all portions of the column are standing straight and are secure.

Fasten the motor retainer column to the top end of the stand column with screws.

Slide the height adjustment nut over the motor retainer column.

Place the fan motor assembly on the motor retailer column, on top of the height adjustment nut. Ensure the screw holes on the assembly and column line up. Tighten the screws into the assembly and column to secure them.

Slide the centre of the plastic fan grill onto the motor shaft of the fan motor assembly.

Tighten the plastic fan grill to the motor shaft with a plastic nut.

Slide the fan blade onto the motor shaft. Align the groove in the centre of the blade with the pin on the motor shaft.

Screw the fan spinner counter-clockwise onto the centre of the fan blade to secure it.

Align the front, plastic fan grill to the rear. Attach the tabs on the rear grill to the front grill to secure it.