How to hang heavy pictures on plaster walls

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When hanging heavy pictures, it is best to locate a stud and hang the picture there. Sometimes, however, studs are not located where you would like to hang your picture. In this case, there is hardware available to help support your picture so that it does not harm your plaster wall. Installation on a plaster wall is not any different than installation on a drywall wall. Plaster has a much higher chance of cracking or flaking around the nail site, however.

Make a pencil mark on the wall where you would like to hang your picture.

Use a 1/8-inch (0.3-cm) drill bit and drill through the plaster wall at your mark. Move the bit around the hole, in a circular motion, to open the hole wide enough to allow the folded toggle bolt to fit through.

Place the bolt through the wings and slide both through the hole you just drilled. Once pushed through, the wings will open and provide an anchor for the bolt.

Screw the bolt to tighten the wings to the wall. Let the bolt protrude just enough for you to hang your picture from it.

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