How to Make a Guinea Pig & Rabbit Hutch

rabbit image by Allyson Ricketts from

Rabbits and guinea pigs are small household pets, often kept in hutches. The two species should not be housed together, since one animal may bully the other. The hutch can be placed on a raised platform outdoors or kept inside. The newspaper that lines the bottom of the hutch needs to be replaced daily.

You can also attach a water bottle to the outside of this hutch and poke the nozzle through for your pet.

Bend the 18-by-132 inch piece of chicken wire at a right angle in three places: 36 inches from one end, 30 inches from that fold and 36 inches from the second fold.

Attach the ends of the 18-by-132 inch piece of chicken wire using the hog rings and hog ring pliers. This will form a box that will be the front, back and sides of the hutch. Attach hog rings about every five inches to secure the two edges.

Cut a 13 inch wide and 12 inch tall hole in one of the 36 inch sides of the box using the wire cutters. This will be the door. Cover the hole with the 14-by-15 inch piece of chicken wire, attaching one side with three hog rings and the other side with the door latch.

Affix the box to the plywood, stapling the chicken wire to the wood with the staple gun.

Wrap the linoleum piece in newspaper, and place it in the bottom of the hutch. Line the bottom of the hutch with straw, a litter box, food dishes, toys and anything else your rabbit or guinea pig needs.

Attach the 30-by-36 inch piece of chicken wire to the top of the box using hog rings and place the hutch in a safe place before placing your pets in their new home.