Instructions for a Baird LCD

A company called Baird makes a series of liquid crystal display high definition television sets designed for home use. If you have just purchased a Baird LCD and have got it home, the first thing you'll need to do is plug in the unit to a power source. Then, you can hook up devices to your TV so that you can watch and listen to things beyond regular television programming.

Connect your Baird LCD television set's power cable to a wall jack. In order to protect your new LCD television from an electrical surge, it is a good idea to use a surge protector instead of a regular wall outlet if available.

Press "Power" to turn on your Baird LCD television set.

Connect your external video devices to your Baird LCD TV. LCD television sets do not have a built-in antenna, so if you wish to receive over-the-air programming you will have to connect an antenna to the coaxial input on the back of the unit. If you want to watch DVDs, for example, you'll need to connect the audio and video cables (red, white and yellow in colour) to the composite video inputs on the back of the television set.

Turn on your external device (if applicable). DVD players, for example, won't work until you turn them on, even though they are hooked up to the TV. Coaxial antennas may or may not need to be turned on, depending on the model.

Press the "Input" button either on the side of your Baird LCD TV or on the unit's remote until you see the video from your external video source. Your Baird LCD TV is now hooked up.

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