How to Get Involved in Amateur Boxing

Boxing is considered one of the oldest organized sports. Hand-to-hand combat has been depicted in various civilizations across history. Today, professional boxing is a multibillon-dollar industry. The sport's biggest stars came up through the ranks for amateur boxing to develop into the fighters they are today.

Amateur boxing is available on many levels, and active participation requires time, effort and determination.

Start with an online search of available boxing gyms. Do not settle on the first choice, but instead research each site. Research the price ranges, facilities and the instructors as well. Take an on-site tour of each gym before making your final choice. Check into the gym's participation in local events and attend one if possible. Scheduling time is very important if you have a regular job. Plan your available free time according to the training classes at the gym.

Begin training to become a boxer. This includes skill and physical training classes. Choose a local gym that offers beginners classes and has room for advancement. Learn the necessary skills to properly attack, defend and move. Proper conditioning is another important aspect you must practice. You will have to focus on cardio and strength-building exercises, such as weight training and running, to have the conditioning for a fight. Your gym should have trainers on hand to develop specific routines for your development. Watch fights of past champions and legends such as Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson to pattern your boxing style or develop your own. It can take anywhere from six months to a year before you have the skill set needed to participate in a match.

Amateur events are available on many levels. Gyms hold events to showcase their fighters against each other and other gyms. Some national events, such as the Golden Gloves championship, pit the best amateurs in the country against one another. USA Boxing is an organization that oversees amateur boxing in the nation. Check online databases for upcoming events. Decide on the proper weight class and skill range for this match. Cut down to the weight class without taking drastic measures such as starvation, purging or plastic sweat suits. Sign up for either a tournament or a single match. You gym should have advisers available to help you prepare, sign up and accompany you to your amateur fights.