How to Replace a Micra Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is an important part of the fuel assembly in your Micra; the pump is attached to the fuel tank. The pump is used to move fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. If your fuel pump becomes damaged it will affect the performance of your engine.

You should look to replace a damaged fuel pump before taking your vehicle out on the road. You can pick up a replacement fuel pump from your local auto store.

Open up the bonnet of your Micra. Locate the battery. Remove the bolt clamp off the negative battery terminal. Lift the negative cable off the terminal.

Place the drain pan underneath the fuel tank. Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the fuel tank. Drain the fuel from the tank in to the pan. Reattach the plug.

Move the car jack so that it is directly underneath the gas tank. Raise the jack high enough so that it supports the tank. Use a wrench to remove the bolts which fix the two support straps underneath the tank in place. The car jack will now be used to support the weight of the tank.

Lower the car jack slightly. Disconnect the fuel inlet hose which is connected from the engine to the fuel tank. Move the fuel tank to a clear work space. Use a 16-mm wrench to remove the mounting bolts off the fuel pump which is located at the top of the fuel tank. Lift the fuel pump off the tank.

Place a new gasket and o-ring on to the Nissan Micra, 1.3L, 16V, EFI fuel pump and fix it in the same position from which you removed the old one with the use of the mounting bolts. Reattach the fuel tank to the vehicle following the removal steps in reverse. Place the fuel back in to the fuel tank. Connect the negative cable to the battery terminal. Turn on the engine to check that the fuel pump works correctly in the Micra.