How to Locate a Fuel Pump Relay in a Kangoo Van

The fuel pump relay in a Renault Kangoo van is part of the vehicle's electronic fuel delivery system. This relay prevents the fuel pump from running constantly by regulating power to the fuel delivery circuit. The fuel pump relay is located inside a small fuse box located on the right side of the engine. A diagram is printed on top of the fuse box cover showing the position of the relay inside the fuse box. New fuel pump relays are available from local automotive parts stores and certified Renault parts distributors.

Shift the van's transmission into the park position, shut down the engine and set the parking brake. Pull the hood release lever and open the bonnet.

Locate the relay fuse box inside the engine compartment. It is situated on the right side of the engine compartment, between the engine and the fender.

Press the locking tabs holding the cover to the fuse box and remove the cover. Locate the relay inside the fuse box according to the diagram on top of the fuse box cover.

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