How to Make Your Own Sweet Hamper

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A sweet hamper is a basket full of sweet-tasting items that can be presented as a gift, whether for the holidays or for a birthday. A sweet hamper is a great choice if you know the recipient has a sweet tooth, but you should be aware of her dietary restrictions before giving her one. Putting together a sweet hamper as a present is cheaper than buying one.

Choose a basket that is wide and shallow. Avoid baskets that are deep and narrow, as they do not allow the items inside to be displayed. The basket does not need to have a handle.

Cut a rectangle of quilting cotton that can cover the interior of the basket.

Place the piece of quilting cotton in the basket, pattern side up. This gives the basket some visual variety and protects softer foods from the hard basket itself.

Fill the hamper with sweet foods. Some options include jams, high-quality candy, cookies and dried fruit. There should be enough food to create a mound that rises up from the mouth of the basket.

Wrap the entire basket, food and all, with coloured plastic cling wrap. The more layers you use, the more secure the basket is. Make sure that the entire basket, from top to bottom, is covered.

Place a ribbon bow on top of the sweet hamper.

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