How to cut concrete paving slabs

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Concrete paving slabs are precast, man-made stones that make up driveways, walkways, sidewalks and patios. Concrete slabs are easy to maintain and offer a durable surface. Concrete paving slabs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, finishes and colours, allowing them fit into any landscaping theme.

Paving slabs do not always exactly fit the area, making cutting necessary. The cutting method depends on the size of the concrete paving slab.

Measure and mark the paving slab for cutting. Draw guidelines with a professional crayon. A professional crayon will not wash away like other drawing tools when exposed to water from the wet saw.

Load the wet saw with a carbide-tipped masonry blade.

Place the paving slab on the wet saw next to the guide. Turn the wet saw on. Make sure the paving slab is not touching the blade.

Push the paving slab to the blade. Do not force the slab through as this can cause the blade to break and cause serious injury to the operator. Use a push stick to guide the slab through to the other side of the blade.

Measure and mark a cutting guideline on the surface of the slab.

Equip the angle grinder with a masonry-cutting disc.

Lay the slab on top of level of sand. Do not sink the slab into the sand; allow it to rest on top.

Turn the grinder on and follow the guideline. Depending on the thickness, you may have to work back and forth allowing the grinder to cut deeper and deeper, rather than cutting through the slab on one pass.

Draw a cutting guideline on the surface of the concrete paving slab.

Lay the paving slab on level sand.

Place a brick set chisel onto the guideline and lightly tap it with a masonry hammer. Move the chisel along the guideline to score a line into the paving slab.

Place the brick set chisel into the scored line and tap with a masonry hammer. Work back and forth, deepening the score line as you move. Continue to deepen the cut until the cut is through the slab completely.