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How to Build Your Own Hydraulic Skateboard Press

Updated April 17, 2017

Skateboard decks are made of seven layers of veneer wood. The thin boards must be glued and pressed together so the deck will be moulded into the proper shape. This process is carried out using a skateboard press. Most of these presses are hydraulic. Using items that you may well have in your garage or shed, you can make you own hydraulic skateboard press and soon be making self-styled skateboards to use or sell.

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  1. Construct the frames. Using the 4 by 4's, make two identical, rectangular frames four feet long and two and a half feet high. Bolt the 4 by 4's together for strength with the help of an electric drill. Connect the two frames with cross beams cut from 2 by 4's at the top and bottom to form a box. Nail the cross beams in place then secure them with heavy L brackets.

  2. Make the bottom of the frame. Measure and cut two joists from 2 by 4's and nail them in place between the bottom cross beams. Measure and cut a 2 by 8 board and lay it across the centre of the joists. Nail it into place.

  3. Make the top of the frame. Cut a 4 by 4 to fit length ways across the top of the box, between the two side cross beams to form a centre beam. Bolt the 4 by 4 in place, then secure it with heavy L brackets.

  4. Ready the mould. You can buy moulds online or you can use two identical already made decks. Coat the decks in laminate for strength and let them dry.

  5. Prepare the deck to be pressed. The deck will be seven layers of veneer that should have just been glued together. Place one of the laminated boards from the previous step, right side up on the bottom of the box on top of the 2 by 8. Lay the board you want to press on top of the deck. Lay the other laminated deck on top of the board, sandwiching it in.

  6. Prepare the hydraulic jack. Place the jack on top of the laminated deck that is on top. Raise the jack until it reaches the 4 by 4 centre beam. The board will begin to bend into shape. Continue to raise the jack until the board is bent into the desired shape. Leave the board in place for 24 hours.

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Things You'll Need

  • 4x4's
  • 2x4's
  • 2x8
  • bolts
  • electric drill
  • L brackets
  • hammer
  • nails
  • two identical skateboard decks
  • laminate
  • hydraulic car jack

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