Tasco Microscope Instructions

microscope image by christemo from Fotolia.com

The Tasco microscope is a combo set that includes both a microscope and a telescope. The set is intended for beginner-level surveying of the sky and land, as well as beginning examination of microscope slides. The set is perfect for both adults and children, making it the ideal family surveying tool. The telescope includes a 35x magnification with a 2x magnification finder eyepiece. The microscope has 19 pieces and provides an overall magnification of 900x. The Tasco microscope is easy to set up and use by following simple instructions.

Make sure the microscope is on the best flat surface available. To move it, first locate its arm. Then carry the microscope using two hands, with one hand holding the arm and the other holding the bottom of the device. Place the microscope on a flat table where you can sit comfortably and look through the eyepiece.

Place a tabletop light source, such as an adjustable student desk lamp, on the table next to the microscope. Having an additional light source will improve the quality of viewing your slides. Adjust the light so that it shines directly onto the stage of the microscope where the slide will be placed. Turn the light on and look through the eyepiece to make sure the light is making contact with the stage.

Locate the examination tool slides that came with the microscope. The microscope should have come with 19 slides. Choose the slide you wish to view. Place the slide on the microscope stage. Starting with the smallest objective lens, focus in on the slide. Increase the magnification by turning the objective lenses on the microscope. The highest magnification is 900x.

Place the slides back into the examination box when completed. The slides can easily be broken so handle them with care.

Make your own slide to view under the microscope. Take a blank slide and place the object of your choice in the middle. Add a drop of water to give a more dimensional look. Objects you can examine include fragments of rocks or dirt.

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