How to Create a Car for Sale Sign

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Although it seems simple enough, there can be a lot of thought put into creating a "Car for Sale" sign. In lean economic times, you also want to use every advantage you can get to quickly sell a vehicle at the desired price.

There are both traditional ways of creating a sign and more creative means for getting people's attention.

Create a traditional sign. The widely recognised "For Sale" sign with the red block letters is available at most hardware stores and discount shopping centres. Add your phone number in clear, black lettering and your sign is ready to go. Add your asking price, if desired. Post it with a piece of tape on your rear or side window. Place one in both places if you want to make sure people see it.

Create a dealer-style sign. To give interested buyers more details on the spot, make a sign that includes a list of relevant information. Use a basic home printer to make a professional looking sign. Include mileage reading, year of vehicle, condition of vehicle, information on any new parts, remaining warranty details, asking price, vehicle features, selling points, original added features and anything else that is relevant. Add contact info including phone number and e-mail address.

Create a sign to get attention. If you want to be a little more creative, spruce up your sign with colours, an interesting font or photos. Use a piece of bright white poster board and write a description with a red marker. Create bullet points with vivid selling features such as "Low Miles", "Perfect Condition", "Best Car Ever Owned", "Reliable" or other words that fit your vehicle. You can also print it out and use a unique font that gives it a bit of style. To give it an artistic flourish, add photos of the engine and a stock photo of the vehicle in motion.