How to Write a Campaign Speech for a School Secretary

Becoming a secretary for your Student Council has many benefits. For one thing, it earns you the recognition and respect of your peers. Student Council positions also look appealing on college applications. Writing a campaign speech is an important step in the election process for the office of secretary. The speech tells your peers what you want to achieve as a Student Council secretary and how it would benefit them. Before you can write the speech, you need to fully understand your powers in the office of secretary so you make reasonable promises to your peers.

Write a list of the goals you want to accomplish as school secretary. Write down a second list of all your previous experience in school politics and leadership roles that would help you become an effective secretary.

Create an opening line that catches the public's attention. Practice the opening on your friends and work with them to create a truly interesting opening. Write the opening of your speech, including your attention grabber and a short bit of information about yourself.

The next paragraph of your speech should outline your experience that qualifies you for the position. This can include previous positions of authority and your note-taking skills (as secretary, it would be your job to record every meeting, so typing skills are also necessary).

Include your goals for the future in your next paragraph. The secretary can help influence the choices of the student body president, so don't be afraid to include goals for changing the current system. Don't make concrete promises; instead, say you would strive to bring change.

Close the speech by reminding listeners of your experience and your goals for the future. Practice reading the speech aloud to determine how long it takes. Cut out unnecessary wording if you are at risk of exceeding a time limit.

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