How to merge two photos in paint

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Microsoft Paint is a basic image editing software that comes with the Windows operating system. In Paint, you can add symbols, colouring and effects to images, and you can type titles and other text on top of images. You can convert images to different file formats such as .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .png.

You can pull multiple images into one file and merge them side by side or one on top of the other. This is useful for quick printing of multiple small images.

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Accessories" and then select "Paint" to open the Microsoft Paint program.

Click the "Paint" button and choose "Open." In the file selection dialogue box, highlight the first image to merge and then click the "Open" button.

Click and hold the anchor square on the bottom-right corner of the image and drag the mouse down and to the right to make space for the second image. Let go of the mouse button.

Click the arrow underneath the "Paste" icon in the upper-left corner of the "Home" ribbon. Choose "Paste From" from the menu.

Highlight the second image to be merged in the new image and click the "Open" button.

Click on the second image and hold the mouse button down while dragging the image either to the left or down as desired. Do not let go of the mouse button until the image is in the desired position.

Click on the white area in the work space. The anchor squares will again appear around the work area. Click on the bottom-right anchor and hold the click while dragging the anchor to the bottom and right edge of the image. Let go of the mouse button.

Click the "Paint" button and choose "Save As" if desired. Give the new merged image a name by typing it in the "File Name" box and click the "Save" button.

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