How to make a park bench step-by-step

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Having your own park bench in your garden is useful when you have a large barbecue, because a park bench can seat at least three peopl. A park bench has either a completely wooden frame or is part wood, part metal. Some cheap park benches come in plastic, but they easily break, so it is better to make your own strong metal frame park bench with wooden seats and back support.

Put the metal bar on the saw horse and cut it using the angle grinder. Cut two 60-inch-long pieces, two 48-inch-long pieces, three 30-inch-long pieces and two 18-inch-long pieces.

Sand the metal bars using the 100-grit sandpaper and the sander.

Weld two 30-inch-long metal bars to the ends of one 60-inch-long metal bar to create a C-shaped frame.

Make a mark on each 48-inch-long metal bar 18 inches in from the ends of the bars. Weld a 60-inch-long metal bar to where you have put the marks to create an H-shaped frame.

Weld an 18-inch-long metal bar to each corner of the C-frame. Weld this structure to the H-frame, where the 60-inch-long metal bar is welded to the 48-inch-long metal bars. Weld the last 30-inch-long metal bar inside the frame at the centre of the seat part of the bench.

Paint the frame and leave it to dry for one day.

Put the wood slats on the saw horse and cut the slats using the circular saw. Cut five 60-inch-long pieces.

Drill two holes on each end of the wood slats, 1 inch in from the ends of the slat. Use a countersink pilot drill bit. Drill an additional two holes at the centre of three slats which you will use as the seats of the bench.

Place three slats onto the seat part of the frame and leave 1 inch space between each slat. Drill holes into the bench frame at the same locations where you have the holes on the wood slats. Repeat the same steps on the back support of the frame.

Screw the 60-inch-long wood slats onto the frame using the nuts and the bolts.

Apply varnish to the wood slats. Leave the varnish to dry for one day.

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