How to Shower After Knee Surgery

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Knee surgery is an important operation that requires rest and recuperation after treatment. After surgery, bandages are used in case of swelling. But if a cast is used, a large opening is made to accommodate swelling. During your recuperation, you still need to bathe or shower, but you must keep dry the knee and cast and any bandages, staples, stitches or braces. So you will have to take special precaution when you shower after knee surgery.

Wrap plastic with tape around the bandaged knee or cast. Make sure the covering is watertight. Wrap plastic around any support aids such as a brace or staples. If it is possible to remove the brace, do so before putting plastic around the knee or cast.

Use sufficient support such as sturdy handrails or the assistance of a relative or friend when getting in and out of the shower after knee surgery. Place a towel on the shower floor, and use a stool for knee support. Be careful because you will be unable to bend your knee. If you use crutches, make sure that they are secure and do not slide.

Bathe your body with a sponge, and avoid the water-protected area around the knee or cast, making sure it does not get wet. After sponge bathing, dry yourself completely and gently pat around the bandaged knee or cast to make sure it is dry.

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