How to Paint a Cast-Iron Fireplace

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Rejuvenate the appearance of your fireplace by refinishing it with the correct coating. If your fireplace is made of cast-iron, it is important to consider adhesion. Metallic surfaces won't accept paint adhesion because they are nonporous. Combat this by treating the fireplace with an acidic etching primer.

Once the cast-iron fireplace is primed, it will accept a colourful painted finish. Select one specifically formulated for surfaces exposed to high heat or paint failure will occur.

Use a sponge to wash your cast-iron fireplace with a degreaser. Rinse the fireplace using wet rags.

Protect areas next to the cast-iron fireplace using painter's tape. Protect the hearth using a dust sheet.

Use a soft polyester brush to coat the cast-iron fireplace with etching primer. Move the brush vertically across the cast-iron, applying consistent, soft pressure. Allow the metallic fireplace to dry for two hours.

Wash the brush using fresh water.

Paint the cast-iron fireplace just as you primed it. Let the cast-iron dry for two hours.