How to Prevent Paw Chewing with Dog Socks

Some dogs will chew or lick their paws and legs incessantly because they have itchy or sensitive skin, while others will bite their limbs out of a nervous habit. Unfortunately, this constant chewing and licking can cause your pet to develop open wounds or lose its hair. Also, the saliva on your pet's fur can cause it to have a bad odour. A simple way to prevent your canine from chewing on its paws is to protect them with dog socks.

Purchase dog socks at a pet shop or through an online store. If you are buying the socks at a store, ask if you can have your pet try on the socks. For these socks not to fall off, they need to be tight enough to stay on but loose enough so you can put them on your dog without a struggle.

Place the dog on your lap, if it is small. If it is larger, have it lay down. The first few times you put the sock on your pet, you may want to have someone assist you by holding your dog.

Place both of your thumbs in one of the socks and spread it open as best as you can. Place it over the dog's toenails and gently pull it up, being mindful not to snag or twist its toenails as you pull the sock upward.

Slide the rest of the sock on. Once you have passed the toenails, the rest of the sock usually moves into place much more easily. Pull the sock up as much as possible without causing the dog discomfort.

Repeat the process with any of the dog's paws that it may chew on.

Check your dog frequently to make sure the socks stay on. Your pet may at first try to shake them off, but after awhile it should become used to the feeling.

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