My VTech KidiZoom Camera Will Not Turn On

The VTech KidiZoom Camera is a digital camera designed for children. It features 16MB of internal memory that allows children to store up to 200 photos or five minutes of video footage. Children also can share or transfer their photo or video files to a PC or save up to 2GB of additional photo or video files on an optional, removable SD memory card. If there's an issue with the camera's power supply or a type of mechanical malfunction, the device may not power on.

Turn the camera over so that the bottom is facing up.

Unscrew and remove the battery compartment covers on the left and right sides. Slide each AA alkaline battery out of its slot and check that the polarities match. Fix the batteries' alignment if they were in an incorrect position. Screw the covers back on, and press the "On/Off" button to see if the camera will respond.

Remove the four batteries from the compartments if the camera stays off. Insert four new AA alkaline batteries. Screw the covers back on, and push the power button again.

Unravel a wire paper clip into a straight line if the camera still won't respond. Press the "Reset" button located on the bottom of the camera with the wire. Push the camera's power button.

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