How to Clean Vinyl Siding With Fly Droppings

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Vinyl siding is an attractive covering for many homes. Although vinyl is relatively resistant to stains, flies and other insects can leave droppings that stick to the siding. This is more common during warmer months when flies are more plentiful. These droppings, which also attract dust, dirt and pollen, can make your siding look dingy. Fortunately, you can remove fly dropping stains from vinyl siding fairly easily.

Spray down the vinyl with a water hose. Use a nozzle that gives you the highest pressure, which will knock off some of the debris from the droppings.

Mix 1 gallon of hot water with 1 cup of liquid dish soap in a pump sprayer.

Spray down a section of the vinyl that you can scrub and rinse before the soap dries.

Scrub down the area with a long-handled scrubbing brush that has nylon bristles.

Rinse the area that you scrubbed.

Repeat the spraying, scrubbing and rinsing process over different sections of the house until you have cleaned all of the stained areas.

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