How to Take the Back Off of Buzz Lightyear

screw driver, fastners image by Greg Pickens from

Buzz Lightyear is a toy that has captivated many children around the globe. The popularity of Buzz Lightyear can be traced to the creation of this toy for the animated movie "Toy Story." In the movie, Buzz Lightyear is one of the most popular characters.

Hasbro decided to create an action figure based on the movie character. He features a space suit, wings and a laser. You'll need to remove the back piece from Buzz Lightyear to change the batteries.

Place your Buzz Lightyear action figure on a table or sturdy surface with his back facing up. This will allow you to work on with the backside of Buzz where the battery cover is located.

Locate the two screws on the battery cover. These are the only accessories used to keep the back cover attached to Buzz Lightyear.

Insert the tip of the screwdriver into one of the screws and begin turning the screwdriver to the left. Loosen the other screw, as well. The screws are permanently attached to the back cover, so you'll need only to loosen them.

Use your finger to lift off the back cover.