How to Program a Reef One BiOrb LED Light

Having a group of fish in your home aquarium can be a very relaxing thing, but it can also take a lot of work to make sure the fish are healthy in their habitat. One of the hassles of keeping fish can be turning lights on and off at the appropriate time to simulate a 24-hour period. The Reef One BiOrb LED light is designed to help you program in a schedule for the light to automatically turn on and off.

Connect the power supply cord from the BiOrb LED light to an open AC electrical socket near your aquarium. When it is plugged in, the light will turn on and be in "Moonlight" mode, simulating the moonlight that fish would see at night.

Press and hold down the "Bubble" button on top of the LED light system. Holding it down until the system flashes once will reset the internal timing of the system to start the 24-hour lighting period from this point on. This means that one hour after you do this, the system will simulate a sunrise, provide bright lights for nine hours, simulate a sunset, then simulate moonlight for 10 hours.

Press and hold the "Bubble" button down until the system flashes twice to turn the lights off for two hours. The system will resume the 24-hour cycle as normal after the two-hour period. Use this setting if you wish to turn the lights off while watching television or other activities that require darkness.

Hold the "Bubble" button down until the system flashes three times to reset the cycle to having just eight hours of bright-light time. Wait for four flashes to set the bright light to five hours and five flashes to set it for 14 hours. Holding the button down until you see six flashes will turn the bright lights on permanently, while seven times will result in a permanent "Moonlight" setting. Eight flashes will reset the system back to the normal 24-hour cycle.

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