How to Uninstall Rosetta Stone on a Mac

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Rosetta Stone is language-learning software that claims to teach languages in a more natural manner by using pictures rather than translation to convey the meanings of words.

You may need to uninstall the program from your Mac computer because you want to do a clean reinstall or because you no longer require the program. You must find and remove all traces of the software application on your computer. To completely uninstall Rosetta Stone from your Mac computer, you will need to find and delete three different folders.

Open the "Library" folder on your computer's hard drive.

Double-click the "Application Support Folder," then locate and delete the "Rosetta Stone" file.

Open the "Receipts" folder within the "Library" folder. Locate and delete the "Rosetta Stone" file.

Double-click your "Applications" folder on your computer's hard drive. Drag the "Rosetta Stone" file to the trash to delete it.