How to Sharpen a Brush Cutter

Whether you have a gas operated or manual brush cutter, the blade will eventually require sharpening. The process of sharpening tool blades is similar whether it is a manual or gas operated tool. The angle on the blade may be slightly different, however the procedure will be the same. Close attention and care to maintain the angle of the blade is the key to sharpening your brush cutter blade. It is important to keep your blade sharp by regularly maintaining the blade for proper and safe operation of the cutter.

Place the brush cutter blade on a work bench. Clean off the entire blade with a wire brush and soapy water. This will remove any dirt and debris from the blade prior to sharpening.

Dry the blade off with a rag. Rub the blade with lubricating oil using a clean rag.

Hold the cutter on the edge of the bench with the angled portion of the blade facing out. Position a medium-grain whetstone on the surface of the angled cutting portion of the blade. Make sure the stone is at the same angle as the blade edge. Drag the stone across the blade in even strokes until you are satisfied with the edge you have achieved.

Hone the edge of the cutter with a fine-grain whetstone until the blade is sharp. Use the same technique as with the medium-grain whetstone.

Apply a light coat of lubricating oil to the cutter with a rag.

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