How to Thread a Singer Merritt 8734 Sewing Machine

The versatile Singer Merritt model 8734 is a sewing machine that has been revered by homemakers and dressmakers alike since its introduction in the 1980s.

To begin using the 8734, the desired size and colour of thread needs to be selected, after which it must be routed from the spool, through and around various points and, finally, to the eye of the needle. The 8734 owner familiar with sewing machine nomenclature can thread the machine in five minutes or less.

Raise the presser foot.

Turn the hand wheel toward you until the needle and the take-up lever are at their highest positions.

Place a spool of thread on the spool pin located on the top of the machine.

Apply light pressure on top of the spool while pulling thread to the first thread guide located on top of the machine just above the tension discs. Pull the thread into the thread guide until it snaps into place.

Pull thread straight down from the upper guide into the elongated loop located immediately above the tension discs.

Pull thread from the loop, and guide it into the tension discs. Lead the thread around the discs, pulling it straight up and through the thin tension wire and up, back through the elongated loop. Release hand pressure from the spool of thread.

Raise thread to the take-up lever. From the right side of the lever, wrap the thread over the slot with the lead end of the thread on your left. Pull the thread into the take-up.

Pull the thread straight down from the take-up lever. Route the thread around the guide at the bottom of the sewing machine head toward the needle.

Place thread through the guide above the needle. Pull 3 to 4 inches past the needle eye.

Insert thread through the needle from the front of the eye to the back. Make certain that 3 to 4 inches have been pulled through the needle.

Place the thread from the needle into the slot of the presser foot, and then pull it toward the back of the machine.

Hold the thread from the presser foot lightly with your left hand.

Turn the hand wheel slowly toward you, allowing the needle to descend into the needle plate. Turn the hand wheel until the needle comes up with the looped bobbin thread.

Remove the loop, and place both the upper and lower threads towards the rear of the machine.