How to make hard candy without corn syrup

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While corn syrup may be used to make hard candy, it is by no means necessary. If you wish to make your own sugar candy at home, you do not need to rely on corn syrup to give hard candy its consistency.

Pour 1 cup of sugar into a pot and pour 1 cup of sugar over it. To make hard candy, you can use any 1 for 1 ratio of sugar and water.

Stick the candy thermometer into the solution so you can monitor the temperature.

Bring the sugar syrup up to a boil, bringing up to about 149 degrees Celsius, stirring occasionally.

Set out a baking tray and cover it with waxed paper.

Carefully pour a drizzle of the sugar syrup over the baking tray. The drizzle of sugar syrup hardens almost immediately upon contact with the air and produces sugar candy.

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