How to Change an AM Car Radio to FM

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Chances are that if you own an older car, that car contains an AM radio. To add more stations and to gain sharper quality, you can convert the radio from an AM signal to a FM signal with the use of a FM car radio converter box. These converters work much in the same way as a TV digital converter box. It takes the FM signal through the antenna and goes directly into the box's tuner. Afterward, the audio is transferred by the converter to the car radio through an AM signal frequency. The converter is a substitute for the tuner but with the same peripherals, such as the receiver, speakers and antenna.

Attain an AM to FM radio converter. You can purchase one of these converters from an online retailer. The price range as of 2011 is £19 to £42.

Connect the converter to the electric source of the vehicle in addition to the AM radio and antenna. For power, connect the converter to the fuse block. Take the output and connect it to the radio's antenna input. Afterward, attach the car antenna cable to it. Line up the correct wires to the correct sockets on both the converter and radio. The FM to AM signal conversion is now set.

Turn on the converter and find the frequency of the converter by tuning the AM radio. Locate and FM station by turning the knob on the converter. To listen to regular AM radio, just turn off the converter.

Switch on the converter and tune the AM car radio until you find the converter's frequency. Then use the converter's tuning knob to find an FM station. Switch off the converter and tune the radio normally to hear AM stations. Some converters have an AM/FM button and allow you to accomplish all tuning via the converter.

Verify that the cables of the antenna are secured. Ensure that the AM radio is picking up the signal of the converter. If not, just continue to tune the radio until the signal is clear. If your converter contains an automatic frequency control switch, turn it on after tuning on a station, as it cuts down on static distortion.

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