Instructions for Pantyhose Braided Rugs

female leg with white shoe image by kolesn from

Braided rugs are traditionally created with scraps of fabric left over from different sewing projects. For a whimsical twist on this vintage form of rug making, you can use pantyhose as a base for your braided rug.

Pantyhose are naturally soft and flexible, which will make the resulting braided rug soft and flexible as well. Once the rug is complete, you can give it as a humorous gift to a loved one, or you can keep it for yourself.

Cut the legs off of 24 pair of pantyhose. Discard the upper portions of the hose.

Sew the hose legs together, end to end, until you have created three long strips of pantyhose.

Tie one end of all three pantyhose strips together.

Braid the three strips into one long braid.

Twist the braided pantyhose into a flat spiral.

Sew the pantyhose spiral together using nylon thread, starting at the middle of the spiral and sewing out towards the outside of the spiral.

Trim off the excess nylon thread, and place the pantyhose rug out for enjoyment.