How to Troubleshoot Your Yamaha TT-R 225

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Yamaha first released its TT-R 225 recreational motorcycle in 1999. With a moderately-sized engine and heavy body, Yamaha designed this bike more for heavy trail riding than for speed on the course. The make lasted only until 2004, though Yamaha was still releasing similar TT-R bikes as of late 2010. In 2004, like all model years, Yamaha suggested specific troubleshooting tips in the event that owners had problems running or starting the bike. Specifically, Yamaha offered tips when it came to the fuel, compression, ignition, and battery systems.

Check to see whether or not the bike has enough fuel. If there is no fuel, refill with unleaded gasoline and restart the engine.

Turn the fuel cock to "RES" if there is a small amount of fuel and restart the engine. Move on to the compression system check if the engine still won't start.

Check the fuel flow if there is an adequate amount of fuel in the tank. Turn the fuel cock off, remove the fuel pipe, and look inside.

Clean the fuel tank and fuel cock if there is no fuel in the fuel pipe or if fuel is mixed with debris.

Restart the engine. Move to the next section if the TT-R 225 still won't start.

Use the electric starter to test the compression system.

Ensure that the compression is between 63.5 and 72.6 Kilogram with a compression gauge.

Take the bike to the shop to repair the compression system if there is not enough compression.

Remove the spark plug and check the electrode to analyse the ignition system.

Wipe the electrode clean with a dry cloth if it is wet.

Replace with the spark plug if the original is damaged or faulty. Yamaha recommends an NGK DR8EA plug.

Tighten the spark plug gap to between 0.020 and 0.028 inches.

Open the throttle halfway and use the starter again. Take to a Yamaha dealer for inspection if the ignition system still won't work.

Use the electric starter and listen to how quickly the engine turns over. A quick engine turn over indicates that the battery is working correctly.

Recharge the battery to 12 volts and tighten all battery connections.

Replace the battery if the original is damaged.

Try the starter again. If engine turn over is still slow, take the TT-R 225 in for repairs.

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