Can You Paint the Porcelain Tiles Around a Fireplace?

Outdated porcelain tile around a fireplace can be repainted using a variety of paint products. Change the look of your fireplace and update unattractive tile with a fresh coat of paint. Latex paint is the final coat and is available in endless colours.

When painting the tile around a fireplace, you will also need to paint the grout.


Remove all dirt and debris from the porcelain tile surface so any products applied to the tile will adhere well. Lightly scuff up the tile use a medium-grit sandpaper or wire mesh. Wipe the tile with a damp sponge to remove any dirt and debris.

Bonding Primer

Applying a bonding primer to the porcelain tile is critical so that the top coat of paint will adhere well. Look for primers made to paint concrete and stone surfaces. Products that "etch" or cut into stone will also adhere well. Use a paint brush or mini roller to apply the product. Make sure to clean your paint tools immediately after the application as the products can be difficult to remove. Allow the surface to dry 24 hours for proper curing.


Add one to two coats of paint to the tile surface. Allow four hours or more drying time between each layer. Add a clear coat of polyurethane to top coat the tile with additional protection. Understand that the clear coat may need to be reapplied for additional protection due to normal wear and tear of the tile. Inspect the tile yearly to see if an additional coat is necessary.


Consider making colour samples. Add small amounts of sample paint to poster board and hold up next to the fireplace. Look at the colours in both artificial and natural light to determine if the colour selection matches your current fireplace.