How to Replace a Broken Phone Jack

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A phone jack is a device that mounts on a wall and connects the main wiring of a phone line to the actual phone with which you want to use the line. While the jack is not very conspicuous in its positioning, it is possible for the jack to get damaged beyond repair. If you have a broken phone jack, have no fear because you can very easily replace just the phone jack and restore your phone and line to working order in no time.

Disconnect the phone jack's main line from the interface box outside the building. This is the box where all of the phone lines in your house or office are located.

Unplug the phone cord plugged into the broken jack and then remove the screws holding the hack plate onto the wall using a screwdriver.

Pull the plate and jack out of the wall so you can see the wiring connections on the back. Take note of which coloured wire runs to which terminal on the back of the jack.

Loosen the screws on each of the wires with the screwdriver and pull the wire away from the terminal. Inspect the wires carefully for any damage and strip the damaged part off with a wire stripper.

Loosen the screw on the back of the new jack and insert the wires from the wall into each terminal. Make sure you place each wire in the same place it was in on the broken jack.

Tighten the screws down to secure the wires and push the wires and jack into the wall. Attach the new jack plate to the wall with the included screws then reconnect the main phone line in the interface box.

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