How to Hang Christmas Lights From the Ceiling

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Lights are often used as decoration during the Christmas season to add to the festive nature of the season. They can be seen on trees, in shopping malls, indoors, outdoors and even hanging from ceilings.

In the past, lights had to be attached to walls using a hammer and nails, which often left unsightly holes that needed to be patched up once the lights were taken down. New technology allows people to hang lights from their walls and ceilings without doing any damage to their home.

Purchase adhesive hooks from your local home or hardware shop. Choose a size that will easily accommodate the size of your Christmas lights.

Decide on where you want to hang the lights. It may be beneficial to lightly mark, with a pencil, where you want to position the adhesive hooks so they're evenly spaced and precisely positioned where you want them to be.

Grab the ladder and place it under where you want the first adhesive hook to be.

Climb the ladder, remove the tape from the hook and securely attach it to the ceiling. Repeat this process until all hooks have been placed on the ceiling.

Wait about an hour and then string your lights on the hooks.