How to Change the Light Bulb on a Russell Hobbs GTS23 Microwave

The Russell Hobbs GTS23 has a built in halogen light bulb that turns on when the microwave door opens or when the microwave runs. Microwaves typically see a lot of use but require little in the way of routine maintenance.

Although you can still use the microwave with the bulb burnt out, you will not have any means to monitor the food inside the microwave while it cooks. Replacing the bulb is relatively straightforward and does not require a technician to complete.

Disconnect the microwave from its power source.

Place the microwave on its back and remove the screws that secure the sides to the bottom with a screwdriver.

Place the microwave upright and remove the screw from the back cover panel with a screwdriver.

Lift the cover panel off the microwave to expose its inner components.

Locate the halogen light bulb in the front right corner of the microwave and remove it by threading it counter-clockwise just as you would do with a normal light bulb.

Install the new light bulb into the light socket by threading it clockwise.

Slide the cover onto the microwave and secure the back of the cover by reinstalling the screws. Once installed, place the microwave on its back and secure it by reinstalling the screws on the bottom.

Plug the microwave back into its electrical source.