How to Treat a Chip Fat Burn

Sustaining a chip fat burn can be extremely painful. It's important to remain calm and treat the burn as soon as is possible before addressing whether or not medical assistance will be required.

Make the burn victim as comfortable as possible after the event so an assessment can be made as to the severity of the injury and what further action is necessary.

Move the victim away from the chip pan and cooking oil.

Remove any clothing or jewelery close to the burn.

Cool the burn under lukewarm running water or apply a clean, damp cloth, if this causes too much discomfort. Do not use a towel or a blanket to soak the injury.

Apply the lotion and dress the burn with the sterile gauze.

Administer an over-the-counter pain reliever containing paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Contact a medical professional to discuss whether further treatment will be necessary.