How to Remove a Ducati 999 Gas Tank

There may be times when you need to remove the gas tank on your motorcycle for repairs, replacement or maintenance. The gas tank on your Ducati 999 is connected to the tail fairing and the seat. You will have to remove all three parts together to be able to access and remove the gas tank effectively.

This process may take a couple hours if you are a first-timer, but the process will be quicker if you attempt this more than once.

Place your Ducati on a bike stand so that it is secured in place and will not move around. Do this in a well-ventilated area.

Remove the three bolts on each side of your Ducati's seat, using an Allen wrench.

Position yourself behind the bike at the tip of the tail fairing. Look underneath the fairing and find the tab that holds it in place and is connected to the subframe. Pull the tab until it releases the fairing.

Grab both sides of the fairing and lift it up carefully. The fairing, bike seat and gas tank are all one piece, so all three pieces will lift up together. Prop this section up under the seat with a 4-by-4-inch piece of wood or something of equivalent size to keep it in place.

Remove the bolt under the seat, using a 17mm socket wrench. This will separate the tank from the rest of the seat and the tail fairing. Lift the fairing and seat completely off the bike and put it to the side.

Place a towel under the gas tank to catch any fuel that may spill out during this process.

Release the three couplings on the underside of the gas tank by squeezing them with a needle-nose pliers.

Release the two breather hoses on the front of the tank by squeezing them with regular pliers, using slow but increasing pressure on them. Be careful not to squeeze too hard.

Slide the gas tank toward the back of the bike to release the tank from the guide pins. Lift the tank off the Ducati 999.