Issues With Cleaning a Composite Sink

Composite sinks are made from a natural material such as quartz or granite combined with man-made acrylic resins. This combination of materials can withstand high heat and is both scratch- and stain-resistant. Still, composite sinks require special effort to maintain their original beauty. Many manufacturers recommend washing and drying composite sinks daily to prevent stain build-up. Homeowners who are considering installing a composite sink should also consider the time and effort necessary to keep a composite sink looking like new.


While composite is quite durable, it is vulnerable to light scratches on its surface. For this reason, scrubbing a composite sink with steel wool or highly abrasive cleaners is not recommended. Remove minor scratches with a nylon scrubbing pad and mild abrasive cleaner. For deeper scratches, consult your retailer. Consider using a sink protector at the bottom of the sink to protect it from dings and scratches from heavy pots and pans.

Chlorine Bleach

Some manufacturers recommend a highly diluted bleach and water solution for stubborn stains. Chlorine bleach used at full strength can adversely affect the colour of a composite sink. If you have installed a black or dark coloured sink, a large bleach stain could be a disaster. Be sure to rinse the sink well and dry it with a cloth after using diluted bleach.

Hard Water Stains

If there are white stains around the drain of your composite sink, they are most likely caused by limescale. Limescale deposits from hard water can leave stains on the surface once it dries. To combat this, avoid leaving standing water in the sink. Wipe the sink dry with a soft cloth after you wash the sink or the dishes. Use white vinegar to remove hard water stains.

Household Solvents

Harsh chemicals can damage and dull the surface of a composite sink by removing the sealer. This can allow stains to set into the composite. Ammonia, oven cleaners, nail polish and other harsh solvents commonly used in most households should not be disposed of in a composite sink. Your retailer or home improvement store staff can recommend sealers and cleaners specially formulated for composite sinks.

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