How to Register Your SIM Card on Your BlackBerry Phone

BlackBerry smart phones have become an extremely popular cellular choice, both for business people and casual users. The abundance of used phones and decreased price of new models has made them a feasible option for almost anyone. However, the sheer number of keys and options can be overwhelming, even to just get the phone working properly after purchase. Sometimes BlackBerrys will work operate perfectly immediately upon insertion of the SIM card, but there are times it may take some manual steps to properly register the device.

Remove the SIM card from your old phone, if necessary. Be careful when handling the card; do not touch the gold part, because this is what communicates the information to your phone.

Detach the battery cover from the back of the BlackBerry. Carefully remove the battery and set it aside.

Find the card slot that matches the shape of the SIM card. It will be rectangular, with one corner "cut" off.

Insert the SIM card into the BlackBerry, aligning the gold part with the connector of the phone. Lock it in place.

Replace the battery and battery cover properly. Turn the phone on. As it boots, wait for a confirmation message to state that your SIM is accepted and registered properly.

Check the wireless signal. If you are in an area without service, you may not be able to connect.

Register your SIM card manually, if necessary. Hit the BlackBerry menu button (with the BlackBerry symbol) and navigate to "Device Options" under "Setup/Options."

Click "Advanced Options," then select "Host Routing Table." Press the BlackBerry symbol key and select "Register Now." This should allow your SIM card to register with your phone, providing you are in wireless range.

Turn the device off, remove the battery, then replace the battery and turn the device back on, if things are not working properly. Often issues are solved with a simple restart of the device.

Call your service provider's customer service number if you are still having problems with certain features on your BlackBerry.

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