How to Set Up an MP4 Player

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An MP4 player is the next generation in portable media players. The successor to the more familiar MP3 player, the MP4 is currently defined as any portable media player with additional features beyond the standard MP3.

This means that anything given an MP4 designation could have a wide range of capabilities, and that not all MP4 players are the same. The technology for these players is still in development, but they are becoming more popular.

Plug your MP4 player into your computer to sync it to the songs and videos you already have in your media library.

Install the conversion CD that came with your MP4 player into your computer. Run the program.

Wait while the conversion CD runs. It will install itself on your MP4 player, so the player will be able to play MP3 audio files and .avi video files, which are the files your older media will most likely be in.

Test your MP4 player once the conversion CD has finished installing. Make sure you can view all of your video files and listen to all of your audio files on the player.