How to remove a cement post hole

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Even in fences where the line posts are set in compacted earth, the end posts and gate posts are often set in concrete. Some fences set every post in concrete. As a result, taking down a fence or replacing individual posts often involves pulling out the cement plug in the post hole. Since this cement plug was poured to make the post more rigid, removing it is no easy task and involves considerable manual labour.

Dig up the dirt covering the top of the cement plug, clearing a bowl-shaped area above the plug.

Insert the blade end of the iron tamping rod between the plug and the surrounding dirt, and push the rod down as far as you can. Then push with your legs and use your body weight to pry the plug away from the dirt. Repeat at least once more on the opposite side, but you may need to do this three or four times around the circumference of the cement plug.

Squat near the fence post, grasp it firmly with both hands, and pull it and the cement plug up by standing, which puts your leg muscles to work. In the case of a big cement plug, this might not be enough.

Clamp the fence post to a post-puller, or chain it to a winch or to a small utility vehicle like a Bobcat if. Pull the post out. The winch or post-puller may be mechanical and require you to work a cranking lever.

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