How to track a mobile phone by its SIM

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The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a device that stores your phone's electronic information. It also contains features that make it easier to track a phone if it becomes lost. This is because the SIM card emits its own electronic signal and works with the phone's network features. The SIM card's signal can be tracked using a variety of tools and technologies that are accessible to users.

Contact your mobile phone provider. Give the associate all the required information, such as your mobile phone number, account information, and the approximate time and location where the phone was lost or last seen. The phone provider can locate the phone in real-time using a satellite network, as each SIM card emits its own signal on a phone network.

Install GPS software on your computer. You can download a GPS tracker online or purchase it at any major electronics retailer. In the program, you can enter your cell phone number to use GPS technology to find its exact location. Your SIM card emits radio signals that satellites can catch. The satellites, in turn, can triangulate its exact location. The SunSat Satellite Solutions company, for example, allows the use of a program to search for your phone via GPS. AccuTracking and MobileMe have also developed a GPS phone-tracking program for use (See Resources).

Install a SIM card tracker program onto your phone. If you ever lose your phone, you can log on to your computer and track the movement of the phone. Additionally, you can program your phone to send you or your friends a text message if someone tries to manipulate or remove the SIM card. This method is similar to GPS software, but it also lets you track the SIM card if it's placed into another phone. Many programs are available which allow a user to track his phone via its SIM card, including Wave Secure and iLocalis (See Resources).

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