How to Adjust an Oven Door

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Oven doors should open and shut smoothly and stay open or shut in those positions by themselves. Sometimes an oven door needs adjustments to keep its fluid movement. An oven door may not stay in the first stop position that is partway open but will slam closed on its own or it needs centring in the oven door opening.

Placing large pans with heavy food like a turkey on the door may cause the door to bend. An oven door keeps the heat inside to cook foods at a certain temperature and in a specific amount of time. Misalignments will cause the oven to use extra electricity or gas to maintain a constant temperature.

Open the oven door a few inches to its first position that allows the door to be slightly open and remain in that position. Release the oven door handle and let it remain in position. Put one hand on the left side of the door and the other hand on the right side of the door 1/4 of the distance from the bottom of the door.

Lift the door straight out at the same angle that the door rests in. Check the hinges to see if they are bent. Adjustments to the hinges include using a pair of pliers and gently bending them back into shape.

Examine the oven door to see if it is bent. If the inner part of the oven door is bent, remove the inner layer of the door with a Phillips screwdriver. There are four Phillips screws with one near each corner. Turn each one counterclockwise to remove.

Set the inner portion of the door on a solid surface and tap gently with a hammer to straighten out any bends in the door. Replace the inner door portion by turning Phillips screws clockwise in each of the positions near the corners until firmly tight. Replace the oven door.

Adjust hinges to move them in and out on each side. Open the oven door fully and turn the locknut by hand at the bottom of the keep for adjustments from left to right. Turn the locknut clockwise to reduce the amount of distance between the door and the hinge.

Turn the locknut counterclockwise to increase the amount of distance between the door and the hinge. This adjustment will align the door in its opening to open and shut properly.