How to Clean Fragranite

Fragranite sinks are made by Franke Kitchen Systems, and composed of 80 per cent granite. This granite composite material is available in a variety of colours, and is designed with a smooth surface for low-maintenance cleanup. Fragranite sinks are durable and resist stains.

Use mild abrasive products to remove messes without the risk of scratching or ruining the surface of your sink. Clean your Fragranite sink regularly to maintain its appearance.

Remove any items from the Fragranite sink, and rinse it with water to remove any excess residue.

Dampen a nylon brush or scrubbing pad with warm water, and scrub the Fragranite sink with the brush or pad. Use small, circular motions and moderate pressure. Allow the cleanser to sit for up to five minutes.

Rinse the sink thoroughly with warm water to remove any cleaning residue.

Dry the sink with a towel.