Fiamm horn installation instructions

You can replace the factory-installed horns on your car with the easy-to-install Fiamm horns. The make and model of your car determines how difficult the project will be. Every installation requires a place to mount the horns, wire to hook them up and a way to secure the wire inside the engine compartment. The installation process may require a drill with a metal cutting drill bit to make new mounting holes.

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery with a wrench. Determine the location for the horns inside the engine compartment. Keep it somewhere in the front of car around the existing horns, if possible.

Pull the wires from the existing horns. Create a set of jumper wires for each new horn with a jumper wire kit. Cut the auto wire long enough plus a little extra with the wire cutters. Crimp the ends on the jumper wires that fit the connectors on the ends of the wiring harness leading to the existing horns.

Secure the mounting brackets to the horns with the nuts provided, but do not yet tighten them all the way. Hold the mounting bracket attached to the horns against the car in the desired location and mark the holes for the mounting brackets.

Drill the holes with a drill bit that matches the sheet metal screws for the installation. Tighten the mounting brackets on the horns and then secure the horns to the car with the sheet metal screws.

Connect the new horns to the wiring harness and wrap all exposed connections with electrical tape. Wrap the jumper wires with electrical tape from the horn to the harness. Secure the jumper wires to the car with wire ties. Connect the negative battery cable.

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