How to build a porch canopy

brown door, white wall image by hazel proudlove from

A porch canopy can not only improve the look of your front door, it also helps to protect your entrance from the elements.

A relatively simple construction project for avid do-it-yourself fans, a porch canopy can be built using a few standard, readily available materials in no more than three hours and with the right tools to hand, can be a low-cost add-on to your home.

Measure and saw your timber into five 90 cm (3 foot) lengths, two 1.2 m (4 foot) lengths and two 1.5 m (5 foot) lengths.

Cut the ends of the 1.5 m (5 foot) lengths at 45-degree angles. This will be necessary for the support to sit flush against the horizontal and vertical pieces when it is constructed.

Secure the two 1.2 m (4 foot) lengths to the exterior wall, vertically parallel to your door on either side, with the distance between both vertical lengths being 90 cm (3 feet). Use a masonry drill and heavy-duty nails to fasten the vertical boards securely to the wall.

Secure the first 90 cm (3 foot) length horizontally at the top of one of the verticals, nailing from the top through to the vertical timber. The horizontal lengths should run away from the wall and will form the sides of your canopy.

Supporting the horizontal with one hand, move one of the 1.5 cm (5 foot) lengths into place to complete the triangle and thereby take the weight of the horizontal, nailing into the horizontal and vertical lengths.

Repeat the horizontal and support sections for the remaining side.

Run the remaining 90 cm (3 foot) lengths horizontally between the two support sections, with one length running alongside your exterior wall, one length joining the ends of the horizontals and the final length running in the middle.

Sheet the top of the canopy with plywood and varnish to protect against rain damage.