How to Identify Crystal Figurine Markings

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Crystal figurines are beautiful items to collect and, if you are a collector, knowing how to identify their unique markings can help you figure out not only which manufacturer may have created them, but also when they were created. Identifying markings on figurines can also help you discover just how much the figurine is worth and whether or not you may have a rare find on your hands.

Head to your local bookstore for a guide on crystal figurines. A good guide will contain an index of different companies and their marks and logos, and you can even find ones that contain pricings for different pieces. Other stores that may carry these kinds of guides are craft stores, antique shops and speciality stores that sell crystal figurines.

Look under the base of your figurine for any indentations in the glass or any sort of distinguishing marks. Since marks can be quite intricate, feel the area with your fingertips as well. If you find a mark, feel and examine it closely. Apply a piece of tissue paper to it and rub the area with chalk to capture any images onto the paper to make sure you don't miss anything, .

Look over the rest of your figurine for any other distinguishing marks that might tell who made the piece. The back side of the figurine is another place where a manufacturer may imprint or place a mark. Again, if you find any imprints do a rubbing on tissue paper to use for identification.

Consult your guidebook based on the marks you've noticed on your figurine. If you find similar logos, read about them and re-examine your figurine to see if it fits with the information you've read. If your guidebook does not have the mark you are researching in it, go to step 5.

Head to a local antique shop to get professional help identifying your figurine and bring any paper rubbings you made with you. If it is a popular piece, they can tell you right away who makes it and what it might be worth, or you can leave it with them to let them research the piece and get back to you on it. Visit a few antique shops to see what information you can get.

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