How to draft a release of a liability contract

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Release of Liability contracts prevent signing parties from seeking financial restitution in the event of damages caused by any reason other than gross negligence, according to Expert Law. Commonly used for physical labour, model and artist releases may also be used under the category of Release of Liability contracts. Although drafting legal documents may seem daunting, knowing what information to include takes a great deal of the burden off of your shoulders.

Type the name, address and phone number of your company at the top left or centre of the contract. You can skip this step if you plan to print the Liability Release Contract on company letterhead.

Type a line for the full date of the contract signing, along with the name of the person signing the contract at the beginning of the first sentence.

For example, you may type: "I, [blank for name], on this [blank for day] of [blank for month], [blank for year] ..."

Type the agreement. Include the words "release [your company name] from any liability." You may also want to include words saying that the signer understands that they cannot pursue legal action against the company.

If the drafted release covers artists or models, include an agreement that specifies which types of companies may use the picture or art piece. In the case of models, a legal release does not prevent lawsuits if a picture defames the model, such as a photo suggesting the model contracted an STD, unless the model signed a release specifically stating that use for the picture.

Type the signer's responsibility to follow all of the rules set forth, if appropriate.

For example, if you represent a college, and the signer plans to attend a school field trip, include, "The undersigned agrees to abide by all of the rules of the college and any additional rules put forth by instructors."

Write signature lines. Include the date for each signature and lines for the signer, a witness and a parent/guardian, if the signer is under 18 years of age. Also include a line for the printed name of the signer.

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