Troubleshooting for the Tevion MP4

The Tevion MP4 player allows you to play .MTV video files, .WAV music files, and .MP3 music files among other file types. If you don't follow the MP4 player's instructions correctly, it will not play properly.

Completely read the owner's manual before using the player for first time so that you know all of the player's ins and outs because you do not want to break it. If you have problems, follow some basic troubleshooting steps.

Plug one end of the power adaptor into the player and the other into an open power outlet to charge the internal battery. Charge the battery if MP4 player will not turn on.

Push the headphone jack all the way in if it's loose. The headphones will not receive any sound if the headphones are not firmly connected to the MP4 player.

Push the "Standby/Hold" key on the top of the player to the "Unlock" position if the MP4 player's buttons are not working.

Place the Tevion's USB connector into the player. Connect the other end of the cord into the computer's USB port. Click on the "Start" button. Click "Control Panel," "System and Security," "Administrative Tools." Double-click "Computer Management." Click "Disk Management." Right-click the Tevion player located in the right side of the screen. Click "Format." Click "OK" on the next two screens to format the player to its factory settings.