How to build window boxes out of pallets

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Building a window box out of pallets can add a personal touch to the outside of your home while saving money and repurposing old material. With some time, effort and patience, you can add a custom look to your home without a custom price tag. Adding flowers, plants and other decorations to your new window boxes will brighten up the exterior and allow you to rotate themes and colours as your mood and the seasons change.

Slowly remove the wood planks from the frame of the pallet using the crowbar, taking care and time not to damage the pallet. Place the boards to the side and continue until the pallet is fully disassembled.

Pull out the nails with the hammer, still using caution to avoid damaging the pallet. If you are unable to pry the nails out with the hammer, try hammering the nails out from the underside of the nail head at the point of the nail. Put the nails to the side to avoid an accident. You may also be able to reuse these nails in a later step.

Measure the width, height and depth that you would like the window box to be using the tape measure. Use the pencil and the metal straightedge to draw a line across the board to your dimensions. You will need enough boards to cover the front, back, bottom and sides of the box.

Separate out the boards you will need for the depth from the boards needed for length and place them in separate piles. Depending on the height and width of your window box, you may need to use several boards.

Measure out 10 strips of wood about 2 inches wide and the same height as the window box. These strips of wood will be used on the interior of the window box for support to hold the boards together.

Cut the boards with the saw following the lines, making sure you use your safety glasses to prevent eye injury.

Hammer from the front of the box into the support boards with the hammer and nails. Make sure you use one nail per board. Follow this process for each section.

Nail the side pieces to the front. Use one nail per board, per side. Nail the bottom boards to the front and sides of the window box. Take the boards for the back of the box and nail them to the sides and the bottom of the box.

Nail the mounting brackets to the bottom of your box, making sure that the bracket abuts the house. Depending on the width, you may need up to three brackets to provide enough support for your window box. Hold your window box against the house and nail the brackets into the surface. Assistance may be needed in holding the box in place while you hammer.

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